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Services & Prices

All of our surgical procedures are performed by a licensed veterinarian, and our anesthesia protocols are approved by a board certified veterinary anesthesiologist.
All prices include pain medication and patient monitoring while under anesthesia.
Dog Spay
1-25 lbs. $80
26-50 lbs. $90
51-75 lbs. $110
76-100 lbs. $125
Dog Neuter
1-25 lbs. $70
26-50 lbs. $80
51-75 lbs. $90
76-100 lbs. $105
Cat Spay $65
Cat Neuter $45
Cat Declaw Click Here
Dental Cleaning – 
Click Here for details
Additional Fees
There may be additional fees if your pet is pregnant, in-heat, and/or obese. Also, hernia repairs and retained testicles may have additional fees. Unlike other facilities, we only charge if extra time or materials are required.
Pre-Surgery Blood Testing $55
Blood Testing is recommended for all animals, but for animals over 5 years of age, or at the discretion of the veterinarian, blood testing is required.
Supportive Fluid Therapy: by administering fluids to an animal either under the skin (subcutaneous - SC) or directly into a blood vessel (intravenous - IV) during and after surgery aids significantly in recovery from anesthesia, supports adequate blood pressure, and lessens the risk of dehydration.
Intravenous (IV) catheters allow a critical access point directly into the patient’s blood stream in case of emergency.
Subcutaneous Fluid Therapy $15
Intravenous (IV) Fluid Therapy $30
with IV Catheter
E-Collar (or buster collar) $15
to prevent licking of the surgical incision
Microchip - International Standard microchip can be read by any scanner anywhere in the world. DATAMARS FREE LIFE-TIME Registration $30
Deciduous ("Baby-Teeth") tooth removal/extraction $10
Vaccination Office Call - $0 for puppies and kittens under a year with purchase of vaccines

No waiting in line, Vaccine exam by a veterinarian, Tailored treatment plan for your pet, Legible printed records with your pets photo, and Email vaccine reminders
No office call fee for vaccinations given at the time of surgery.
CAT VACCINATIONS AND TESTS – For more information
FVRCP (3-in-1) Vaccine $20
Rabies Vaccine $20
FeLV Vaccine $20
FeLV/FIV Testing $35
DOG VACCINATIONS AND TESTS – For more information
DAPP Vaccine $20
Rabies Vaccine $20
Bordetella (“Kennel-Cough”) Vaccine $20
Heartworm Test $27
Heartworm, Ehrlichia (Tick Fever) and Lyme disease combo Test $35

Canine Toenail Trim w/surgery $10
Feline Toenail Trim w/surgery $5
Nail Trim w/o surgery; per technician w/office calls only $10-30
Anal Gland Expression w/office calls only $15
Elizabethan-Collar to prevent licking of the incision $15
Travel Health Certificate with Office Call
only for present clients/patients
Ear Mite Treatment (1st and 2nd) Acarexx $35
needs to be repeated two weeks apart for best effect
Heartworm preventative for DOGS that also controls roundworms and hookworms. See our Online Store Selection and Prices
Animals must have up to date heartworm testing.

Flea and Tick Preventative -
See our Online Store Selection and Prices

Deworming for... (Cats and Dogs)
- Roundworms and hookworms $15
- Tapeworms $20
Prices are subject to change without notice.

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