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Tasha Reutter-Briere, Technician

Tasha was born and raised in Arizona. She spent her childhood surrounded by horses, goats and dogs.  She turned her fondness of animals into a career in 2004 when she began working with the Arizona Humane Society.  During her time there, she filled many roles including work as an adoption counselor, in animal care, as an emergency dispatcher for the EAMT department, fostering sick and injured animals, and as a veterinary technician for the public spay and neuter clinics.  Tasha also served as an Animal Control Officer for Maricopa County Animal Care and Control for two years.

Tasha and her husband Chris share their home with two rescue dogs, Bowie and Gunner.  Tasha continues to foster young pups for Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue.

Gustavo Rocha aka "Jr", Technician

Jr was born in San Antonio, Texas, and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Jr has always wanted to work with animals ever since he can remember. Jr started his career at Sonora Veterinary Specialists learning the emergency and critical care side of veterinary medicine, and working with the local wildlife brought to the practice. After spending a few years at Sonora, Jr worked for a few years at a couple of local animal hospitals around the valley. After wanting to help on greater scale, he started working at the Arizona Humane Society Second Chance Animal Hospital for more than 6 years, helping the sick and injured animals brought in by the public or picked up by field officers. 

Jr has also been involved with some local and national disaster relief work. When he is not working, Jr is spending time with his fiancé and new baby girl, and being a sports junkie. 

Shauna Wilkinson, Technician

Shauna started her animal career in 2007 as a veterinary assistant. After receiving her certificate in veterinary assisting, she stared working at a spay neuter clinic in 2009. After working there 6 ½ years, she wanted to try something new in a different environment. So, she found PAWS, and was excited to start working here. 

As a young girl, she had a strong desire for helping animals, and always brought home stray animals. Shauna had a variety of animals growing up including rats, hamsters, rabbits, dogs, cats, turtles and fish. Shauna loves working with animals, making sure they are taken care of, and focusing on their health.

Andrea Blestrud, Technician

Andrea Blestrud started working as a veterinary technician in 1999 after receiving her certificate in veterinary assisting.  She had a strong desire to work with animals all of her life.  Growing up, she loved being outside with all of her pets; dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, ducks, birds, snakes, tarantulas, rats and a pig.  She spent her teenage years volunteering with the City of Phoenix as a Park Ranger Cadet and with Liberty Wildlife.

Andrea started working with the Arizona Humane Society in 2004 after several years in private practice and specialty hospital settings.  She has worked in all of the public spay/neuter clinics under the Arizona Humane Society, but primarily on the mobile truck.  She has travelled all over the state providing low cost wellness options to communities in need.  These areas range from Window Rock to Sierra Vista as well as the Phoenix metro area.  Seeing the extreme need of wellness services across the state, Andrea wanted to assist Dr. Diskin in his endeavor to create and expand preventative care options available to the community.
Dr. Fisher shares the PAWS drive to reduce pet overpopulation by providing low cost, high quality, safe spays and neuters. In addition to working at PAWS, Dr. Fisher pulls his mobile Fisher Equine Dentistry throughout Arizona treating rescued and owned horses, donkeys, and mules. In his spare time, Dr. Fisher enjoys exploring Arizona with his three adopted dogs (Una, Beemer, Kali) and his son, Pat.

Kristy Strickler, Clinic Manager

Kristy Strickler began her animal career in 2004 as a veterinarian technician at the Arizona Humane Society’s Second Chance Animal Hospital.  While working for Humane Society, she fostered animals that were sick, injured and too young to be put up for adoption. After two years in the hospital, she transferred to the Humane Society's Public Clinics in order to work more personally with clients and their pets on the prevention and educational side of veterinary medicine. Kristy has had a variety of animals including horses, cattle, pigs, dogs, cats, ferrets and guinea pigs. When the opportunity came to be able to work at PAWS and expand on client and pet preventative medicine and education she could not wait to start.
Dr. Fisher spent most of his childhood in Montana. After graduating from Simms High School in Montana, he had multiple occupations including serving as a Sergeant in the Marine Corp, driving a taxi in San Diego, logging in Montana, milking cows, framing houses and working as a ranch hand. In 1985, he graduated from Colorado State University’s School of veterinary medicine. He practiced in in Montana before moving to Arizona. For eight years he owned and operated Mile Hi Animal Hospital with his wife in Prescott. During his tenure with the Arizona Humane Society, Dr. Fisher performed tens of thousands spay and neuter surgeries all over Arizona on the mobile clinic. He has especially enjoyed helping stray pets by performing multiple orthopedic procedures. For several years, he worked as an emergency veterinarian at the Emergency Animal Clinic of Phoenix.

Dr. Richard Fisher

​In addition to helping cats and dogs, Dr. Diskin has volunteered with several wildlife groups, and has been a long-time patron of the Phoenix Zoo. He has sponsored Humane Societies and Governmental Animal Care Organizations throughout Arizona. All of the animals in his home (5 dogs, 1 blind cat, 2 goats and a snake) have been rescued. ​​

During his career, Dr. Diskin has performed more than 50,000 sterilization surgeries. He has joined forces with numerous non-profit animal organizations all over Arizona to provide low cost spays and neuters to under served areas and communities. ​

​In order to help decrease pet over-population in the valley, Dr. Diskin decided to open a clinic in the north valley with a focus on sterilizations and immunizations at modest prices.
After serving in the army as a medic, Dr. Scot Diskin acquired his undergraduate education in Illinois, and graduated from the University of Illinois’ College of Veterinary Medicine of in 2000. After graduation, he moved to Arizona to accept a position at Northern Animal Hospital . Following four years at Northern A.H. as the Medical Director, Dr. Diskin took a position at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control treated and helped homeless animals find ne w homes and aiding in the prosecution of animal cruelty. Continuing in the tone of Shelter Medicine, Dr. Diskin worked for the Arizona Humane Society’s Public Clinics and assisting in their Second Chance Hospital. 

Dr. Scot F. Diskin