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Post-Operative Instructions

Limit Activity and Keep Incision Dry
Pets must be kept indoors where they can stay clean, dry and comfortable. Please limit their activity; no running, jumping, rowdy play, swimming, or other strenuous activity during the 7-10 day recovery time period. No bathing during this period. Dogs must be walked on a leash.

Observe Incision; Prevent Licking
Please check the incision site twice daily. There should not be any drainage. Redness and swelling should be minimal. Do not allow pet to lick or chew at the incision site. If this occurs, an Elizabethan collar should be worn, or an anti-lick product (i.e. "Bitter Apple") may be dabbed around the incision, to deter any licking and/or chewing.

NO Sutures to be Removed
Unless told otherwise, your pet does not have external sutures. All sutures are absorbable. Do not clean or apply topical ointment to the incision site. If you are told that your pet has skin sutures or skin staples, they will need to return in 7-10 days to have those removed. Male cats do not have any sutures. As the wound heals, there may be a firm lump under the incision as the absorbable sutures break down.

Appetite and Attitude will be Depressed
Lethargy (sluggishness) lasting for more than 24 hours post-op, diarrhea, or vomiting are abnormal and your pet should be examined by a veterinarian. Dogs may have a slight cough for a few days after surgery.

Food and Water
Start with little amounts of water when you get home. If your pet keeps that down, then you can feed a quarter or half of the normal amount of food tonight. Your pet’s appetite should return gradually in the next 24 hours. Do not change your pet's diet and do not give junk food, table scraps, milk, or any other people food during the recovery period since doing so could mask post-surgical complications. It will take a few days for your pet to return its normal routine of urinating and defecating.

Pain Medication
Pain Medication will be started tomorrow morning unless your pet seems uncomfortable then start tonight. Your pet may appear uncomfortable, anxious, or restless. This is occasionally a side effect of the anesthesia. It is best to let them rest in a quiet room or area alone.

Watch for…
Spaying and neutering are very safe surgeries; however, complications can occur. Minimal redness and swelling should resolve within several days. If it persists longer, please contact us.
​Please contact us immediately if you notice any of the following:  
 pale gums  prolonged depression  persistent vomiting  persistent diarrhea
 discharge or bleeding from the incision  difficulty urinating  labored breathing

If your female dog or cat was in heat (estrus) at the time of surgery, you must keep them away from un-neutered males for at least two weeks. If a male tries to mate with her, serious bleeding and trauma to the reproductive tract may occur, possibly leading to death.

Important Phone Numbers
If you have any questions or concerns directly related to the surgery during the recovery time period, please do not hesitate to contact the clinic at 602-795-7297.

If there is an emergency after hours, please contact VET MED 602-697-4694.